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About Us

Jesus + Rock = Heavy Crusade

Bringing you Christian faith-based shirts inspired by rock & heavy metal music, bands & artwork.

It may seem odd to pair Christianity with rock & heavy metal music. Some believers think that rock-n-roll is the devil’s music, and is a sin to listen to it. While non-believers may think it is hypocritical to associate a Christian message inspired by designs of iconic rock & metal bands. We know there is an audience for our concert styled graphic tees, because we are part of that audience.

Like you, we are fans of the bands from the British Invasion & psychedelic rock of the 1960s, the guitar heroes of hard rock & metal of the 70s, the speed of thrash to the over-the-top theatrics of hair metal during the 80s, followed by the reality check performed by 90s alternative bands pouring out of the Seattle grunge scene, and even the down-tuned rap infused artists in Nu-Metal of the 2000s.

Heavy Crusade knows that there are Christian metalheads & rockers. Christian rock & metal bands have been around for decades. Also, some of the world’s biggest rock stars & musicians are followers of Jesus Christ. Our t-shirts give you the opportunity to display your faith with a rock & roll edge.

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Adult Sizes: Small to 6XL

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